Thomas Lee, the Artist.

The Artist, Thomas Lee!



Who is Thomas Lee the Painter, the Artist?

Over the years, we have been asked thousands of times about the painter "Thomas Lee".

We know one thing, the painter(s) where / are very prolific, or had allot of people painting under the pseudonym "Thomas Lee".

We have conducted extensive research on the artist named "Thomas Lee", so that when we get calls about this person we can provide some reference or other details about the life of this artist.

Thomas Lee Gallery, IS NOT, associated with this painter, it is simply a coincidence.

We do know one thing; THIS ARTIST DOES NOT EXISTS IN REAL LIFE, NOR EVER DID! Literally! We would not get hundreds of calls a year about this artist if there was "something" about him in the digital or paper information world; there is simply nothing about this painter / artist.

We are guessing that when people would go to cheep art shows or other "sidewalk" art sales, there would be original "duplicated" canvases with some artist named "Thomas Lee" on them. When in fact there are 20 people from some other country painting these for $1.00 an hour and using some name, why not, Thomas Lee?

We believe these where perhaps also painted for business, corporate or hotel art, in mass. When these businesses went out of business -or whatever- the art was then sold for cheep in the open market.

It looks great having "decorative original oils" hanging in your business, hotel or corporate office, when in fact they are cheep knock offs, because lets face it, art in mass is cheep, and anything that looks original makes your business look good, expensive and impressive to your clients or customers.

Our conclusion is the painter "Thomas Lee" is a pseudonym for a group of painters selling cheep art to fill wall space in buildings, then when these entities went out of business the art was sold on the open market for cheep, that's why there are, SO MANY OF THEM! And we mean literately, thousands upon thousands of them.

So, if you have a Thomas Lee painting, enjoy it! It is not worth the canvas it is painted on.

Here is a good reference:


Someone else mentioned an artist Thomas Lee who was born in Taipai and schooled in Chicago but this person seems much too young to fit with the output from the 1970s.

It seems that the Thomas Lee paintings may have been produced by Vanguard Studios an organization that Lee Reynolds Burr started in 1964 and mass produced decorative art. The signature does seem to be similar stylistically, and the works themselves seem very commercial (not to mention the fact that they were sold at department stores internationally).